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On Celtic and Roman Traces

In the midst of the delightful middle highland landscape of the Nahe and Hunsrück region, the Birkenfelder Land offers visitors various possibilities for spending both adventurous and relaxed weekends. Culture interested visitors find various historical attractions: they discover traces of the Celts, Romans and the Wittelsbacher. Or recuperate at the ‘Hunsrück Holiday Park Hambachtal’ with its sauna paradise and an indoor subtropical swimming-pool where recreation and fun for the entire family is guaranteed.

1. Location of Birkenfeld in Germany

The town of Birkenfeld is located in the Nahe holiday region, approximately 43 km to the south of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (see map on bottom of page).

The Nahe is one of the nine holiday regions of Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate. This is a landscape full of poetry and colour, dotted with old towns and villages full of history. The region's highlight is undoubtedly the German Gemstone Route, together with the gemstone capital Idar-Oberstein and the German Museum of Precious Stones. The region is also known for its three spa resorts that are located in the Nahe wine-growing area. ... read more about the Nahe holiday region

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2. Sirona Weg — Traces of Celts and Romans

Sirona was the protector of springs, brooks and rivers. She was likewise admired by he Celts and Romans. In its religious meaning she has had a relationship with the nymph of the Greek mythology.

The Hunsrück area belongs to the early residential areas of the Celts who already settled here in the 6th century BC. The Celts and the Germans form the family of the Trever. According to archaeological findings a long settlement history is proved.

Find the traces of the Celts and Romans along the Sirona hiking trail. Start at the Altburg in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach up to the Altburg in Bundenbach, both settlements of the Celts and admire the Hunsrück Nahe area along the 100 km extended Sirona trail. The Sirona trail connects in the North the Ausonius street with the Romain Vicus Belgium and in the Southwest the Celtic ring wall in Otzenhausen. Between the 6th BC and the 8th AC century a rich Celtic and later Roman life flourished. You realise these cultures at different places along the Sirona trail. Castles, reconstructed Celtic and Roman villages, grave hills and museums gives an lively impression of Celtic and Roman life 2,000 years ago. Take your time and fulfil your wish: discover cultural events, enjoy and smell nature whether by bike, by foot or by car. Accomplish your Sirona hiking trail day with a visit at the Birkenfeld museum where the Celtic traces will never end.

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3. Seasons in Birkenfeld

3.1 Spring

Every year the first rays of sunlight awake nature all around the mountainous country of the Nahe and Hunsrück region. Vivid colours, colourful flower beds and beautiful markets in idyllic villages will invite you to go for a stroll and stay to enjoy the atmosphere. A ramble or cycle tour along clear streams, steep rocks, blooming orchards and fields of rape-seed will make spring time in Birkenfeld unforgettable.

3.2 Summer

Many attractive sports and leisure activities await you. Tennis, horseback riding, golf and fishing offer varied summer activities. The Birkenfelder Freibad (outdoor swimming pool) is the ideal place for sunbathe or refreshment on hot summer days. Visiting the many historic sights in the beautiful landscape is a great idea. Extensive forests will provide pleasant shadow and refreshing coolness on a hot summer day. Cosy restaurants and inns invite you to taste true culinary specialities. Coffee bars and beer gardens are the ideal place to enjoy a long and mild summer evening in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

3.3 Autumn

Autumn is the time that the Nahe Valley is covered by a veil of mist and the nature around the Birkenfelder Land will be a spectacle. Coloured woods, golden shimmering grain fields and sunflower fields invite you to make an excursion. On cool days, the museum in Birkenfeld offers an eventful activity. Or you will find fun and entertainment for the whole family at the cinema Movietown. Rest for mind, body and soul you will find at the sauna, beauty farm or the subtropical swimming pool in the Hunsrück Holiday Park Hambachtal (Hunsrück Ferienpark Hambachtal).

3.4 Winter

A winter day in the snow-covered timber forest is a paradise for every person doing winter sports. The nearby ‘Erbeskopf’, the highest elevation in Rhineland-Palatinate (816 metres above sea level), offers three ski runs with floodlights, artificial snow system, one nursery slope and two ski lifts. For those interested in cross-country skiing, the winter sports centre ‘Idarwald’ offers diverse cross-country ski-tracks varying in length. Or have fun at one of the many toboggan runs that you will find all over the Birkenfelder Land. Your children will enjoy it. At the end of a beautiful winter day, have fund at the ‘après ski parties’ or visit one of the many robust inns and restaurants to end the day in an relaxing atmosphere.

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4. Points of Interest

Birkenfelder Museum
Make an excursion in archaeology, the medieval ages and learn about the history of the Birkenfelder Land. The Museum Birkenfeld exhibits more than 2,500 years of cultural history and craft. From Celts and Romans, craftsman and farmers to the local dynasties of former times.
Castle Birkenfeld
The tower of castle Birkenfeld (Burg Birkenfeld) offers a perfect view over the city of Birkenfeld and the surrounding Birkenfelder Land. The castle was built in 1293 and its ruins still give an impression of the mighty castle.
Sirona Weg
Go on a journey an explore the Celtic and Roman past of the region. The Sirona Weg (route) has a length of 90 km and guides you along the Celtic and Roman monuments. Fortresses, reconstructed Celtic settlements, Roman villas, holy shrines, tombs, archaeological exhibitions and museums.
Village Museum Brücken
The Dorfmuseum Brücken (Village Museum Brücken) exhibits a magnificent collection of agricultural devices, machines and tools from the last centuries.
Glockenhaus (Bell House) zu Hattgenstein
In 1762 the Glockenhaus (Bell House) was built in Hattgenstein. It is the landmark of this idyllic village. The bell house posses antique windows and serves as chapel today.
Celtic Tomb
On the campus of the college in Birkenfeld you will find a reconstructed Celtic tomb. The burial chamber of a Celtic woman (400 BC) contains burial objects like jewellery, fruits and flowers.
Church Heiligenbösch near Leisel
The church Heiligenbösch is a place of pilgrimage. It was built in 1438 on the foundations of Roman villa. The church possesses one of the famous Stumm organs and is worth seeing. A hatch in the floor of the church opens up the view to the remains of an old Roman bath.
Church Magdalene in Niederbrombach
The ceiling frescos from the Gothic and Renaissance period make this church worth seeing.
Roman Tomb near Siesbach:
Impressive is the circular layout of the enormous tomb (its diameter is 21 metres). Every year it the scene for many historic spectacles and plays.
Acidulous Mineral Water Spring:
The mineral spring in Oberhambach is very well known supraregional. People make use of the spring since the 16th century to seek recovery, rest and a tasty refreshment.

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5. Nature.Fitness.Park

The Birkenfelder Land dispose of excellent bikers and hikers trails and additionally since August 2004 it also offers the possibility to execute the latest sport, the Nordic-Walking sport. The Nature.Fitness.Park - Birkenfelder Land extends to 72.3 km and comprises 6 beautiful routes, which can be combined among each other for sportive work-out. What does Nordic walking mean? Nordic walking is an effective body training with special staves called “poles”. Sportsmen comment unison: Nordic-walking is the best Finnish invention since the sauna. Over the years more and more Finnish people have been walked around happily, through the countryside, equipped with their staves. Why? Finnish people have been infected by the Nordic-walking virus. So, do you: Take your staves, go outside, admire the nature and find your individual speed for Nordic walking. It makes you feel happy. Would you like to understand why in the meantime half of Europe’s population is keen on Nordic walking? So test it at our Nature.Fitness.Park - Birkenfelder Land. Information on special courses, plus the necessary equipment are available at the ‘Hunsrück Holiday Park Hambachtal’ (Hunsrück Ferienpark Hambachtal) or at the tourist office in Birkenfeld.

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6. Willi's Zauberwald (Magic Forest)

Here you experience nature, you feel nature and you spend wonderful moments in the nature. Your children will love it. ‘Willy Wurzel’, master of the ‘magic forest’ will accompany your family on its way through the forest. On a 4.5 km tour you will explore a variety of interesting stations around the monumental Hambacher Rock. For example a ‘water filtering system’, a ‘barefoot path’ and an ‘fragrance organ’, where you can explore the different scents of nature. You want more? More secrets and magic? Then listen to the voices within the forest — at the ‘sound station’. Here you will learn that roe deer can bark like a dog. Straight ahead along the path you are inspired by charming poetics. Relax and dream in the magical forest. Just follow ‘Willy Wurzel’. He will take you through the magic forest and guarantees a lot of fun.

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7. Leisure Activities

Enjoy Birkenfeld by foot or by bike. It is a real pleasure in the midst of the Birkenfelder Land, the so-called "German Highlands", with its excellent bike and hiking trail net. Refresh yourself in cool clear water during the heat in summer at the open air swimming pool. Or join the high tech sport Geocaching.

7.1 Hiking & Cycling

Enjoy the so-called ‘German Highlands’ with its excellent bike and hiking trail network in the centre of the Birkenfelder Land. Excursions become an unforgettable event: you come across at clear brooks, unique rocks, flowering fruit trees and yellow rape fields. Whether you prefer the challenging lonely single trails by mountain bike or the more comfortable routes. Journey maps and routes are at your disposal at the Tourist Office. The map ‘Bike Tours’ propose 6 delightful tours across the landscape. Besides the main road, you pass by many tourist attractions. These routes are particularly planned for bikers and hikers of all ages that the youngest is able to participate. Due to the topography sometimes you find extreme rises but once you arrive at the top a picturesque panorama recompense for the effort.

7.2 Geocaching

Geocaching is a new sort of scavenger hunt. Armed with a global positioning system (GPS) and the appropriate coordinates, treasures hidden by someone else at exceptionally places may be found. The tourist information has pre-selected the most beautiful sites of the region and would be pleased to welcome you as a hunter of these treasures.

7.3 Outdoor Swimming Pool

Refresh in a swimming pool with 6 courses each of 50 m length. Additionally in a pool particularly designed for children that is equipped with special sun protection. Courageous swimmers may jump in the cool wet from a 5 meter high diving-board. Those who prefer it rather more cautious jump from the 3 meter high diving-board or they may show their ability by a jump from a one meter diving board. Subsequent to these ‘efforts’ a break is permitted. Relax in the sun or under the trees. Sport friends enjoy playing beach ball, boules, basket ball, football, table tennis or chess — you have the choice. The open air swimming pool is easy to find. It is located at the street ‘Am Schwimmbad’.

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8. Hotels & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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9. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

9.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Birkenfeld
(43 km distance / 42 minutes driving time) » get directions

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Tourist Office Address

Birkenfeld Tourist-Information
Friedrich-August-Straße 17
55765 Birkenfeld

Tel.: +49 (0) 67 82 - 98 34 57 - 0
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