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The Moselle-Saar Holiday Region
Loveliest Wine & River Landscape

Of the Rhine's tributaries, the Moselle is considered the loveliest. Idyllic wine villages perched on steep, vine-clad slopes, and romantic little towns with a medieval feel, such as Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues, lend the Moselle valley its unique character. Trier, over 2,000 years old, is the oldest town in Germany and its stone relics dating back to Roman times have now been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Come and discover for yourself the jovial hospitality of local Moselle people — and don't forget to treat yourself to a delicious glass of that famous local Riesling.

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Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is 19 km away from the Moselle-Saar region (20 minutes driving time by car to Traben-Trarbach). Buses run from the airport to the region's towns of Koblenz, Trier and Zell (Mosel).

1. Wine and Culinary Delights

Wine and Culinary Delights on the Moselle and Saar Rivers
Wine and Culinary Delights on the Moselle and Saar Rivers

The fact that the Moselle-Saar and wine belong together is evident. Regardless of the direction or route you take to reach the Moselle, the Saar and Ruwer valleys, the vineyards are the dominant aspect of this wine growing region because the unmatched variety can hardly be surpassed. The mild climate is an important foundation for wine growing, while it also invites the traveller to an all-year vacation in the Moselle-Saar holiday region. This is also supported by the proverbial hospitality of Moselle folk as well as the historical towns and romantic wine growing villages.

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1.1 Moselle Wine-Growing Region

Riesling Grape Harvest on the Moselle
Riesling Grape Harvest on the Moselle

The Moselle-Saar is one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Germany. Originally brought here by the Romans 2,000 years ago, vines are still a dominant feature of the landscape. Proof of this can be found in Germany's oldest wine town, Neumagen-Dhron. The grapes in this Riesling mecca grow on warmth-retaining slate hills on some of the world's steepest south-facing slopes. If you have got a steady foot and a good head for heights, you can climb to the top of Europe's steepest vineyard — the 'Calmont' — overlooking the wine village of Bremm on the Moselle and enjoy fantastic views of the cultivated landscape. Castles and ruins sit in splendour above the meandering river valleys. The banks of the river are lined with picturesque villages and small towns clinging to the slate slopes. Everywhere you go, you will find wineries and restaurants serving a variety of wine and other regional specialities.

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1.2 Wine-Tasting & Straußwirtschaften

Wine-Tasting at the Producer
Wine-Tasting at the Producer

The best place for visitors to sample wine is directly at the producer. In addition to wine, many vintners also offer regional specialities, often in old wine cellars, winepress houses or quaint courtyards. Enjoy the distinctive personal atmosphere of the Straußwirtschaften (seasonal wine rooms).

Or watch for the label 'Haus der Besten Schoppen' (best glass of wine). Wineries and restaurants with this label offer a selection of exceptional wines of the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer region. This highly qualified distinction has been awarded to an increasing number of catering firms in the Moselle region. Simply sample the different wines to decide which wine you prefer with the different menus.

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1.3 Holidays on a Vineyard Guesthouse

Holidays at a Vintners' House in the Vineyards
Holidays at a Vintners' House right in the Vineyards

Wine tasting in the cellar in the evening, a champagne breakfast in bed in the morning — including the magnificent view of the vineyards.

Many vintners' houses in the Moselle-Saar region offer unique holiday accommodation. After a tour of the vineyards and a wine tasting session, the guest can lie back blissfully in a featherbed.

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1.4 Experience Wine & WineCulTours

Wine Guides taking Guest on Tour through the Vineyards
Wine Guides taking Guests on Tour through the Vineyards of Moselle, Saar and Ruwer

Relive the adventures of the past in your imagination; get to know interesting facts on the history, architecture, art, geology, climate, fauna, flora and wine growing. The oldest wine-growing region in Germany offers extraordinary service: Wine guides take their guests on amazing tours. Whether on foot, on a mountain bike or by cross-country vehicle — wine experience guides offer discoveries off the beaten tourist paths and show you the nicest locations along three rivers.

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1.5 International Wine & Gourmet Festivals

Riesling Grand Prix in Trier
Riesling Grand Prix in Trier

Boundless enjoyment: Year after year wine lovers and gourmets travel down the European valley of the Moselle to experience the empires of Lucullus and Bacchus. Wine producers, chefs and artists arrange numerous events between Luxembourg and Koblenz, and the backdrop of the 2000-year old wine landscape tantalizes all your senses.

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2. Historical Sites of Ancient Times

The Dom in Trier is one of the oldest churches in Germany
The Dom in Trier is one of the oldest churches in Germany

For millenniums, the character of the Moselle was characterised by its cultural variety. The oldest cultural landscape and wine-growing region in Germany already fascinated the Romans and inspired poets and artists. Our guests appreciate the wine and the joie de vivre it imparts and they take delight in the cultural variety around the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer. The historical sites of the region and the unique riverscape of the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer stimulate the imagination of the people living here and the visitors. Numerous battlements, castles, churches and townscapes still show the evidence of the eventful history.

The Porta Nigra in Trier is the best-preserved Roman town gate norht of the Alps
The Porta Nigra in Trier is the best-preserved Roman town gate norht of the Alps

In consequence, any tour of the Moselle and the Saar also turns into a true expedition of the most splendid treasures of ancient times to the north of the Alps. These include the wine, which the Romans introduced and cultivated in the region, or the superb monumental structures in Trier, the most prominent of which is the Porta Nigra, the amphitheatre or the impressive Kaiserthermen spa and the Viehmarkt spa. Roman villas, restored winepresses, temple districts, aqueducts and other evidence of historic life line the riversides of the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer.

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3. Cycling Heaven & Car-Free Cycling Days

Car-Free Cycling Day of the ‘Happy Mosel’
Car-Free Cycling Days

The Moselle holiday region offers boundless cycling enjoyment: More than 1,000 kilometres of outstanding cycle paths, shimmering rivers, the varied cultural wine growing landscape, romantic towns and villages and the hospitality of the people make your cycling vacation an unforgettable experience. A well signposted network of nearly level cycle tracks and rural roads stretches into the neighbouring countries of Luxembourg and France.

On five Sundays during the year the streets in the Moselle holiday region are turned into an El Dorado for cyclists: Happy Moselle (Sunday after Pentecost), Saar Pedal (3rd Sunday in May), Ruwer Active (3rd Sunday in August), Summer Biking on the Nims and the Sauer (4th Sunday in August) and 'Schromp macht Spass auf dem Maifeld' (every second year in the spring) are car-free cycling days that offer fun and a happy cycling experience.

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4. Hiking through Terraced Vineyards

Hiking in Europe's steepest vineyard: the ‘Bremmer Calmont’
Hiking in Europe's steepest vineyard: the ‘Bremmer Calmont’

Innumerable hiking trails traverse the varied cultural wine growing landscape — through the valleys of the rivers and up to the heights of the vineyards, through narrow and wild gorges, steep ascents and theme paths. Unparalleled: The Moselle height trails with breathtaking views of the river bends. For example, historical paths lead you to climb the Römersteig or the ‘time travel’ theme path.

Alpine-style mountaineering is available as well: You can scale the steepest vineyard in Europe using the Vie ferrate on the ‘Bremmer Calmont’. Many different theme paths and cultural routes uniquely dramatise specific local features to make them an individual experience have been linked with each other along the Moselle.Experience.Route.

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5. Water Touring on the Moselle

Canoe Trips on the Moselle River
Canoe Trips on the Moselle River

Experience the Wine Culture Landscape of the Moselle from the water. Easy to do nowadays, either with a canoe or a row boat on the ‘Water Tour Route Moselle’. Finally have the leisure to admire the landscape. Your view wanders over the Moselle and the vineyards, discovering something new around every bend: proud castles and impressive ruins on the heights, rough rock and idyllic water meadows…. There are innumerable options for going on land wherever you like at about fifty embarking and disembarking points and resting areas along the Moselle and Saar. Always with the best prospect of all sorts of regional delicacies and of course the famous wine.

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6. River Boat Cruises on the Moselle

Boat Excursion on the Moselle
Boat Excursion on the Moselle

Travelling up or down river on the gentle waves, boat trips can be really relaxing. Travelling on the Moselle is always bound to be a very special experience. On the stretch of the Moselle between Koblenz and Trier, you will pass one attraction after another. Picturesque wine-growing villages with historical centres full of old half-timbered buildings. There are a number of individual tours to choose from. And when the sun goes down and the lights go on along the riverbanks, the pace starts to slow. You can enjoy delicious food and fine wine on board, while discovering a new and wonderful side of the river. The reflections of illuminated promenades add to the special romantic atmosphere. There are several companies offering pleasure cruises on the region's rivers — the perfect way to unwind and have fun!

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7. Camping & Caravaning

Picturesque Moselle River Landscape
Picturesque Moselle River Landscape

If you enjoy travelling informally, love to discover new sites, do wish to determine your own pace and stop spontaneously where it suits you, then a a camping or RV vacation in the Moselle-Saar holiday region is for you. Whether you are travelling with a two-person tent or a luxurious motor home, you will always find a campsite perfect for you, one that offers all the services you need and all the freedom you crave.

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8. Travel Guides to Moselle-Saar Destinations

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Bad Bertrich
Germany's Glauber Salt Spa
Read the Bad Bertrich Travel Guide
This traditional and yet modern spa city is characterized by its progressive, medical and at the same time beneficial therapy options. Bad Bertrich is one of the ‘Vitaparc’ approved spas and health resorts in Rhineland-Palatinate that offer a wide range of packges specially designed to give your body and soul a treat. Germany's only 32°C naturally warm Glauber's salts thermae bubbles here, having the effect of a genuine youth fountain. You can submerge into Bad Bertrich's hot springs and enjoy pure well-being. ... read more in the Bad Bertrich Travel Guide
Town of Vines & Wine
Read the Bernkastel-Kues Travel Guide
Bernkastel-Kues is one of the most appreciated Moselle towns and is proudly called the ‘international town of vines and wine.’ Local wine-growers will charm you with delicious wines, grown in vineyards of world-wide fame. Savour the exceptional wine — accompanied by regional dainties. Situated on both sides of the Moselle River, the town invites you to go for a stroll through its unique ensemble of wonderful medieval half-timbered houses. ... read more in the Bernkastel-Kues Travel Guide
Bernkastel Wine Region
Vivid Centre of the Moselle
Read the Bernkastel Wine Region Travel Guide
Mosel Riesling and picturesque wine villages with their beautiful half-timbered houses made the Bernkastel Wine Region famous. Here is truly the vivid centre of the Moselle Valley. The region's town of Bernkastel-Kues — the international town of vine and wine — is its most successful ambassador around the world. The wine and local cuisine alone makes a holiday here worthwhile. ... read more in the Bernkastel Wine Region Travel Guide
At the Heart of the Romantic Moselle Valley
Read the Cochem Travel Guide
This enchanting area is synonymous with magnificent landscapes, romantic wine villages, a river valley, the blue crater lakes in the Eifel region and charming little towns such as Trier, Koblenz or Cochem. The opportunity to experience a holiday that offers such variety is one of the best features of the Cochem holiday region. ... read more in the Cochem Travel Guide
Treasure Chest on the Moselle
Read the Enkirch Travel Guide
The state-certified spa town of Enkirch is referred to as the “Treasure Chest of Rhine Village Construction”. Its numerous medieval half-timber structures, royal wine villa estates, narrow alleys and enchanting niches convey tranquillity and security. You breathe easier strolling through the centre of this idyllic town in the heart of the Central Mosel River area. Guided tours provide you with an insight into its history, documented back to 733. Its mild climate and geographic location at the aperture of four tributary valleys featuring a hinterland rich in forests entices many of our guests to return again and again for rest and relaxation.  ... read more in the Enkirch Travel Guide
On the Moselle Horseshoe Bend
Read the Kinheim Travel Guide
Snugly surrounded by the steep vineyards of ‘Rosenberg’, ‘Hubertuslay’ and ‘Römerhang’, the wine village of Kinheim is beautifully located at the largest horseshoe bend of the Moselle River. Wine from Kinheim will make the hearts of all wine connoisseurs beat faster. Visitors from near and far enjoy the surroundings of the idyllic wine village with its romantic alleys, unique timber houses and old wineries, where you can lodge both in homely holiday apartments or small pensions and modern, luxurious hotels and friendly inns. ... read more in the Kinheim Travel Guide
Germany's Beautiful Corner
Read the Koblenz Travel Guide
Embraced by Father Rhine and Mother Moselle, Koblenz is situated in some of the most beautiful countryside in Germany. With the rocky slopes along the Rhine River, sleepy little spots and panoramic views of castles and stately homes, it has always attracted the romantics. The Rhine and the Moselle rivers are integral to Koblenz. They are a meeting place for young and old, and between their banks, life pulsates on the busy squares and streets. Its abundance of cultural monuments and historic buildings, its cosy lanes and narrow alleyways, the relaxed and happy atmosphere of its squares and river promenades make Koblenz a friendly town where its guests feel right at home. ... read more in the Koblenz Travel Guide
Confluence of Saar and Moselle
Read the Konz Travel Guide
The modern and ambitious village of Konz is located at the confluence of Saar and Moselle. Its central location makes Konz the ideal point of departure for excursions into the border triangle Germany – France – Luxembourg as well as for diversified bicycle tours. No matter where the trails begin, along the rivers Moselle, Sauer or Saar, all trails cross in Konz. On the historical side, Konz can look back on a long history. The unique open-air museum of ethnology ‘Roscheider Hof’ today presents the former rural daily culture of the whole region. Besides the interesting permanent exhibitions, complete houses and granges are shown. ... read more in the Konz Travel Guide
True Moselle Flair
Read the Kröv Travel Guide
Kröv is an important wine-growing community on the Moselle River. The popular Kröver wine, the ‘Kröver Nacktarsch’, has made the village known far beyond German borders. Kröv not only has excellent wines, but also many other attractions in store. One of the absulte hightlights in the year is the ‘Internationales Trachtentreffen’ folklore and costume festival. For years, Kröv has been one of the most popular holiday destinations along the Moselle. Since the village has retained its natural landscape formed by the cultivation of wine, one can experience true Moselle flair here. ... read more in the Kröv Travel Guide
The German-Luxembourgian Region
Read the Luxembourg-Trier-Land Travel Guide
The holiday area Luxembourg-Trier-Land is the centre of the cross-border German-Luxembourgian Moselle and Eifel region. Steep vine slopes with blue grey gleaming slate alternate with extensive forests and plateaus which are sometimes barren and at other times fertile. Here, nature has let its different moods run free and shows itself from its most beautiful and varied side. There is no limit to the possible leisure activities open to you. The close vicinity to the city of Luxembourg and the city of Trier make this area just for people who wish to have a relaxing and active cross-border holiday with a lot of memories. Enjoy the unique combination of Luxembourgian ‘Joie de Vivre’ and German ‘Gemütlichkeit’. ... read more in the Luxembourg-Trier-Land Travel Guide
Wine & Holiday Region
Read the Mittelmosel-Kondelwald Travel Guide
The ‘Wine and Holiday Region Mittelmosel-Kondelwald’ consist of several wine-growing and holiday villages located in the Moselle region. The towns are able to look back on a long history. For 12 centuries the wine-growing village of Kröv was the centre point of a throng of villages, all independent of the ‘Cröver Reich’ (752 – 1790). The course of the river Moselle meandering through the charming vine-covered valley forms the south-eastern boundary of the former ‘Cröver Reich’, known today as the ‘Wine and Holiday Region Mittelmosel-Kondelwald’. The popular Middle Moselle winegrowing region is the home of the treasured Riesling wines of world renown. ... read more in the Mittelmosel-Kondelwald Travel Guide
1,000 Year Old Wine Village
Read the Reil Travel Guide
Reil is a thousand year old wine village located on the Moselle River. In Reil you find yourself on the Central Moselle where the Romans 2,000 years ago went into raptures, where the famous Riesling wine grows on steep slopes, and where very hospitable people live. Reil is a historic Moselle wine village with a lively history and at least 1,000 year old wine growing tradition (with approximately 120 ha wine growing area, mostly situated on steep slopes). The most famous vineyard is the ‘Reiler vom heissen Stein’. This is where the legend of the count palatinate arose who could exchange his soul which he promised to the devil against wine from Reil. Reil offers a variety of possibilities to create your holiday individually. Here you still find an intact landscape and sound climate. ... read more in the Reil Travel Guide
Römische Weinstraße
Roman Wine Route
Read the Roman Wine Route (Römische Weinstrasse) Travel Guide
The ‘Römische Weinstraße’ (Roman Wine Route), with its 19 charming wine villages, is located on the central stretch of the Moselle River, between Schweich (nearby Trier) and Leiwen. The two-thousand-year-old city of Trier, the cultural city of Luxembourg and the densely forested central mountain regions of the Eifel and Hunsrück are only a few of the numerous fascinating destinations in the region. Along the ‘Römische Weinstraße’ (Roman Wine Route) you will discover the enchanting Moselle Valley, one of Europe's most beautiful river landscapes. An excursion to the picturesque wine villages with their romantic fortresses and castles, as well as the many remnants of Roman architecture along the route, should most certainly be included on your itinerary. ... read more in the Römische Weinstraße (Roman Wine Route) Travel Guide
Little Venice on the Saar River
Read the Saarburg Travel Guide
Saarburg is beautifully located at the banks of the Saar River and in the centre of the renowned wine region of the Saar. The town is a medieval jewel at the foot of Saarburg fortress towering above the Saar River. A roaring waterfall in the middle of its picturesque Old Town, with small bridges and elaborate half-timbering facades, make the special charm of Saarburg. The ‘piazza’ on top of the waterfall gives Saarburg a little Venetian magic. Below are the narrow, steep alleyways to the quarters of the sailors and fishermen that settled in the lower city on the banks of the river. There is a lot to discover. ... read more in the Saarburg Travel Guide
Sonnige Untermosel
Sunny Lower Moselle
Read the Sunny Lower Moselle (Sonnige Untermosel) Travel Guide
The Sonnige Untermosel (sunny region of the lower Moselle) invites for an exciting voyage throughout centuries. It is said that the villages here are among the most beautiful of Germany! Their picture book village centres and well-kept half-timbered houses are a fantastic scenery for Germany's oldest wine festival, the Moselfest in Winningen. It is the successful mix of modern and traditional cultural offer which is the special attraction of the Sonnige Untermosel. ... read more in the Sonnige Untermosel (Sunny Lower Moselle) Travel Guide
Art Nouveau & Belle Époche
Read the Traben-Trarbach Travel Guide
Traben-Trarbach is a famous meeting point on the Moselle River, where holidays full of flair and charm await you. The towns central location in the Moselle River Valley — one of the most picturesque regions of Germany — and its abundance of architectural treasures of the ‘Art Nouveau’ and ‘Belle Époque’ make the townscape of Traben-Trarbach especially attractive. Visitors enjoy a fascinating landscape, diverse leisure activities and a wide variety of events offered by local establishments. The warm sincerity of the ‘Moselaner’ (local people), their love of tradition and their sparkling Moselle wines make every guest feel at home. Traben-Trarbach and the villages in its environs — Kautenbach, Wolf, Bad Wildstein, Enkirch, Burg, Starkenburg, Irmenach/Beuren and Lötzbeuren — all offer opportunities for a fun-filled and rewarding vacation experience. ... read more in the Traben-Trarbach Travel Guide
Eltz Castle & Pyrmont Castle
Read the Treis-Karden Travel Guide
The wine and holiday region of Treis-Karden is situated between Cochem and Koblenz on the Moselle River. Its landscape stretches across three different holiday areas (the Eifel, the Hunsrück and the Moselle) with a variety of scenery just waiting to be discovered. Treis-Karden and its 17 communities offer many outdoor activities for it's visitors. A stroll through the vineyards, a day at picture book castles of Burg Eltz and Burg Pyrmont, a river cruise along the scenic river banks of the Moselle, or a hike in the highlands of the Hunsrück and the Eifel. ... read more in the Treis-Karden Travel Guide
The Oldest City in Germany
Read the Trier Travel Guide
A visit to Trier — the oldest town in Germany — is like taking a journey back to Roman times. Rome has its St. Peters; Trier has its basilica, the throne room of the Roman Emperor. Rome has its coliseum; Trier has the amphitheatre. ‘Roma Secunda’, the second Rome — that’s what the Romans called their metropolis north of the Alps. Today the mighty halls, thermal baths and theatres remind us of the relationship that once existed between the two cities. And just as the Romans did, the people of Trier have also made themselves at home among the historical monuments. Life is played out around the lively market place and in the heart of the picturesque ‘old town’. And there is nothing the people of Trier like better than to sit together in the old wine cellars built on Roman foundations, enjoying their Moselle wine. ... read more in the Trier Travel Guide
Wine Village of the ‘Ürziger Würzgarten’
Read the Ürzig Travel Guide
Ürzig is a small wine village at one of the most beautiful places of the Moselle. The picturesque half-timbered houses, the hospitality of the citizens as well as the wonderful places in front of the Moselle, present the idyll of this attractive old wine village. In-between the well-known vineyard ‘Ürziger Würzgarten’ you have a view of the oldest sundial of the Moselle Valley. The variety of restaurants as well as the numerous old wine cellars and ‘Strausswirtschaften’ (seasonal wine rooms) offer the perfect possibility to spend a pleasant holiday! ... read more in the Ürzig Travel Guide
Zell (Mosel)
Home of ‘Zeller Schwarze Katz’
Read the Zell Travel Guide
The wine town Zell on the Moselle and its Zeller Land is one of Germany’s most beautiful and diverse wine and tourist regions. Zell is characterised by the fascinating countryside of the Moselle Valley and the wooded Hunsrück Mountains. In the homeland of ‘Zeller Schwarze Katz’ — Zell’s most famous wine — there are 7 romantic wine-producing towns on the Moselle River and 17 idyllic Hunsrück villages to be discovered. Enjoy the unique, romantic setting of Hunsrück and the Moselle. Experience the diversity that a holiday in Zeller Land has to offer. ... read more in the Zell (Mosel) Travel Guide

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9. Points of Interest

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Video: Pictorial Journey through the Moselle-Saar Holiday Region

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Note by the Executive Editor

If you would like to know the location of a point of interest you have seen in the video above, please take a look at the list below.

The link ‘show on google maps’ will show you the location of the sight on a map. Click on the link to go to the Google Maps Website, where you can get directions from any location you enter.
Belle Époche
Art Nouveau Brückentor in Traben-Trarbach — Read the Traben-Trarbach Travel Guide
The elaborate bridge gate, Traben-Trarbach's landmark, was designed by eminent art nouveau architect Bruno Möhring. Along with other belle époque buildings, it forms a remarkable ensemble along the Moselle. » show on google maps
Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz near Wierschem — Read the Treis-Karden Travel Guide
Inviting, majestic and in a wonderfully romantic location — a fairytale castle. Eltz Castle is one of the best-preserved castles anywhere in Germany. Immerse yourself in the exciting history of the castle and its inhabitants. » show on google maps
Calmont Klettersteig
Calmont Klettersteig near Bremm — Read the Zell Travel Guide
The Calmont klettersteig runs high above the Moselle between Bremm and Eller. In difficult sections there are ladders, handrails and steps. The rewards are magnificent panoramic views. » show on google maps
Cochemer Sesselbahn
Sesselbahn Chairlift in Cochem
Take an unforgettable chairlift ride to the Pinnerkreuz — one of the most spectacular viewing points high above Cochem. Terrace café. » show on google maps
Freilichtmuseum Roscheider Hof
Roscheider Hof in Konz — Read the Konz Travel Guide
The open-air museum on the former smallholding of St. Matthew's Abbey provides a vivid insight into the cultural history and village life of the region. The focal point is a building around a quadrangle with a museum and restaurant. » show on google maps
Dom Trier
Dom in Trier — Read the Trier Travel Guide
Trier Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Germany. It brings together every era in the history of European art and architecture. Because of its outstanding significance, the cathedral was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. » show on google maps
Porta Nigra
Porta Nigra in Trier — Read the Trier Travel Guide
The Porta Nigra is the best-preserved Roman town gate north of the Alps. It was built around 180 AD from sandstone blocks weighing up to 6 tonnes. Inside, visitors can see traces of a medieval double church. Wonderful views of Trier. » show on google maps
Klause Kastel
Klause Kastel-Staadt near Saarburg — Read the Saarburg Travel Guide
The high plateau lies like a bastion above the Saar valley. Originally a Celtic place of worship, after 1600 a Franciscan hermitage, after 1838 burial chapel of King Johann of Bohemia. » show on google maps
Kloster Machern
Kloster Machern near Zeltingen-Rachtig — Read the Bernkastel Wine Region Travel Guide
The former Cistercian abbey of Machern is in an idyllic setting surrounded by vineyards. Today it is home to a doll museum, an icon museum, a wine bar, a wine museum and the abbey brewery and beer bar. » show on google maps
Pleasure Cruises on the Moselle
Boat Excursion on the Moselle River — Read the Bernkastel Wine Region Travel Guide
The excursion ships have been operating on the Moselle for more than 80 years. They offer a variety of round trips, lock trips, half-day and wholeday excursions on various sections of the Moselle. » show on google maps
Kurgarten Bad Bertrich
Kurgarten in Bad Bertrich — Read the Bad Bertrich Travel Guide
Bad Bertrich's beautiful spa gardens with their electoral villa are wonderfully relaxing. The thermal waters are also amazing. Even the Celts and the Romans knew about the therapeutic effects of Germany's only Glauber's salt thermals. » show on google maps
Martberg Tempelanalge
Roman Temple on the Martberg in Pommern — Read the Treis-Karden Travel Guide
The building reconstructions at the cult worship sites on Martberg hill at Pommern offer vivid insights into the Moselle's Celtic-Roman history. » show on google maps
Matthias Kapelle near Kobern-Gondorf — Read the Sonnige Untermosel (Sunny Lower Moselle) Travel Guide
The late-Romanesque St. Matthew's Chapel is a gem of ecclesiastical architecture. Built around 1222 as the reliquary chapel for the head of Matthew the Apostle, it has been extensively restored. » show on google maps
Mittelmosel Museum - Read the Traben-Trarbach Travel Guide
The Middle Moselle Museum in the Böcking Villa, a prestigious baroque building on the banks of the Moselle, beautifully illustrates the region's history, particularly its wine and its lifestyle. » show on google maps
Reichsburg Cochem
Reichsburg in Cochem
Cochem Castle, a famous local landmark, has sat in splendour above the town for around a thousand years. After a guided tour, visitors can experience a rustic medieval feast in the castle vaults. » show on google maps
Römische Kelteranlage
Römische Kelteranlage in Piesport
A screw wine press has been faithfully reconstructed on the excavation site of an extensive Roman wine press. It forms the focal point for the Roman Wine Press Festival, which has Roman-style wine pressing. » show on google maps
Römische Villa Urbana
Roman Villa Urbana in Longuich — Read the Roman Wine Route Travel Guide
Magnificent Roman country villa with extensive bathing areas. The east wing of the complex (over 3,000qm in total) is a reconstruction. Inside are original sections of the heating and drainage system. » show on google maps
Römisches Weinschiff
Römisches Weinschiff in Neumagen-Dhron
The Romans called the town Noviomagus and the poet Ausonius sang its praises in ‘Mosella’. The great Roman fort had fourteen towers and two gates. A reproduction of a rediscovered Roman wine ship stands outside St. Peter's Chapel. » show on google maps
Saarburg Old Town
Saarburg Old Town — Read the Saarburg Travel Guide
Saarburg is known for its wines and its bell foundry. The romantic old quarter, a listed site of historical interest, is just like an open-air museum. One attraction is the small iron bridge across the waterfall on the Leukbach. » show on google maps
Stiftsmuseum in Treis-Karden — Read the Treis-Karden Travel Guide
The Museum of Religious History is located in the renovated tithe house, formerly the canons' refectory. The exhibition has finds from the Stone Age, Roman times and the Frankish era. Treasures from St. Castor's Seminary are also on show. » show on google maps
Weinkulturelles Zentrum
Weinkulturelles Zentrum & Vinothek in Bernkastel-Kues — Read the Bernkastel-Kues Travel Guide
Inside St. Nicholas's Hospital is the exquisite private library of universal scholar Nicholas of Cusa (Kues), a priceless collection of manuscripts dating from the 9th to the 15th century. The Moselle Wine Museum can be found in the coach house. The historical cellar vaults have a specialist wine shop. » show on google maps

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10. Events Finder

There is always something happening — whether it is art, music, wine festivals or a host of other activities. The Events Finder gives you an overview about what is on, where and when. Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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11. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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12. How to get there from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

12.1 By Rental Car

Google Maps: Route from (A) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to (B) Traben-Trarbach
(19 km distance / 20 minutes driving time) » get directions

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12.2 By Bus

Buses run from the airport to the region's towns of Bullay, Trier and Zell.

Bus routes and timetables:

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