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Rental Cars at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

Need to rent a car for your trip in Germany? Make online reservations here for Avis, Europcar, Hertz or Sixt. Choose to pick-up and return your rental car at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport or any other location.

1. Car Rental Companies

All major car rental companies are present at the airport. You will find the desks of car rental services between the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The car rental facilities for pick-up and return are in the proximity of the terminal. Click on a rental car company to view rates and make online reservations.

Avis Rent a Car at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport
Avis is one of the world's leading rental car brands. Avis provides a seamless rental experience to consumers and businesses around the world, backed by the renowned Avis ‘We Try Harder’ customer service. ... go to rates & reservations
Europcar at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport
Europcar is the European leader in passenger car and light utility vehicle rentals. Europcar works with premier car manufacturers to ensure the best in quality and safety. ... go to rates & reservations

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2. Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (FAQ)

Google Maps: Location of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

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Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is your gateway to Germany's breathtaking Rhineland-Palatinate regions. It links 52 destinations in Europe with Germany. Thanks to its central location and excellent road connections, the airport is ideally situated for travel to a number of holiday regions and cities with travel times less than one hour. The airport guide will answer your general questions as an incoming passenger. ... read more in the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Guide

Rhineland-Palatinate is the westernmost of the 16 Federal States in Germany. Rhineland-Palatinate borders North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, France, Saarland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is located in the centre of Rhineland-Palatinate. The distance from the airport to the closest major cities within Rhineland-Palatinate are: Trier (68 km), Koblenz (85 km), Mainz (89 km), Worms (110 km), Kaiserslautern (129 km), Speyer (145 km).

The distance from the airport to the closest major cities neighbouring Rhineland-Palatinate are: Wiesbaden (90 km), Saarbrücken (112 km), Luxembourg (113 km), Frankfurt am Main (125 km), Mannheim (135 km), Heidelberg (154 km), Bonn (154 km), Köln (178 km), Karlsruhe (193 km).

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Location of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (Hahn) in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany:

Map of Germany with location of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

Address for Navigation System

Flughafen Hahn
55483 Lautzenhausen