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Discover Germany's breathtaking Rhineland-Palatinate regions!

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is situated right in the middle of Rhineland-Palatinate, the German Federal State furthest west in the country. This area offers extraordinarily rich and diversified holiday regions. Idyllic river landscapes, mountainous country, historical towns, charming villages and several of the best wine-producing areas in Germany. A region in Germany full of surprises, with a real treasure trove of sights waiting to be explored! Get inspired by our travel guide to Rhineland-Palatinate that provides you in-depth information about the holiday destinations and tourist attractions.

Rhineland-Palatinate and its 9 Holiday Regions

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Dear Traveller:

Did you know that on your arrival at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, you have arrived in the heart of Germany's breathtaking Rhineland-Palatinate region? A region full of surprises, with a real treasure trove of sights waiting to be explored...and nature at its best!

I invite you to be my guest and explore on this website the unusually rich variety of tourist and cultural attractions you haven't heard of yet, but that are among the insider tips of travellers from around the world visiting Germany.

Rhineland-Palatinate is the westernmost of the Federal Republic's state and not as well known outside of Germany. As a tourist travelling to Germany you might know a little about the most popular destinations like Bavaria, Berlin, Black Forest, Cologne (Köln), Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich (München), Rhine Valley and Stuttgart. But what you really should know is the well-kept secret, that few other regions in Germany have such a wealth of attractions for visitors to explore, enjoy and experience than Rhineland-Palatinate.

I am a native of Rhineland-Palatinate and you can see that I am an enthusiast about my beautiful homeland. So please follow my invitation to explore the rich variety of tourist and cultural attractions of the Rhineland-Palatinate. Because there is so much, so close — within easy reach of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport!

Best Regards,
Marc-Philip Steppat
Executive Editor,
Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

1. Location of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany

Google Maps: Location of Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany

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Rhineland-Palatinate is the westernmost of the 16 Federal States in Germany. Rhineland-Palatinate borders North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Baden-Württemberg, France, Saarland, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is located in the centre of Rhineland-Palatinate. The distance from the airport to the closest major cities within Rhineland-Palatinate are: Trier (68 km), Koblenz (85 km), Mainz (89 km), Worms (110 km), Kaiserslautern (129 km), Speyer (145 km).

The distance from the airport to the closest major cities neighbouring Rhineland-Palatinate are: Wiesbaden (90 km), Saarbrücken (112 km), Luxembourg (113 km), Frankfurt am Main (125 km), Mannheim (135 km), Heidelberg (154 km), Bonn (154 km), Köln (178 km), Karlsruhe (193 km).

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2. Why is Rhineland-Palatinate so Breathtaking?

Few other regions in Germany have such a wealth of attractions for visitors to explore, enjoy and experience than Rhineland-Palatinate. There is so much, so close! And within easy reach of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport!

Germany's Six Famous
Wine-Growing Regions
Six Famous Wine-Growing Regions
Wine naturally plays a key role in Rhineland-Palatinate, which is home to no fewer than six famous wine-growing regions: the Middle Rhine Valley, Rheinhessen, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Nahe, Ahr and Pfalz. Around 70% of all German wine is produced in Rhineland-Palatinate, and every year you can try the state's tasty wines at more than a thousand wine and wine-grower's festivals and fairs. You can explore this magnificent landscape full of vineyard terraces close up following the German Wine Route, Moselle Wine Route, Saar Riesling Route, Rhein Route, Nahe Wine Route and Ahr Red Wine Trail. Everywhere you go, you will find wineries and restaurants serving a variety of fine wine and other regional specialities. Wine tasting sessions at the local vineyards are very popular and there are a number of excellent vineyard guesthouses along the way.
Castles & Cultural Routes
Castles and Cultural Routes
Rhineland-Palatinate is also a state of fairy tales and legends — you will find more than 500 castles, castle ruins, fortresses and palaces in some of the region's most charming spots. Alone in the 65 km long Upper Central Rhine Valley — a UNESCO World Heritage Site — between Bingen and Koblenz you will find more than 40 impressive castles, castle ruins and fortresses that tower above the Rhine River. Roughly one castle every two kilometres. Such a concentration of castles within such a small area is to be found nowhere else in the world! These relics of a colourful past are among the most popular destinations for visitors to Germany. Here you can follow in the footsteps of knights, take a step back in time and really enjoy history. With staged performances and demonstrations, medieval tournaments conjure up images of times long past.
Germany's Most Beautiful
River Valleys
Germany's Most Beautiful River Valleys
Rhineland-Palatinate is a region where you can still enjoy a wealth of idyllic picture book scenery with spectacular panoramic views and fascinating natural features. Germany's most beautiful river valleys (Rhine, Moselle, Nahe, Ahr and Lahn) twist and turn their way through the region. You can walk through terraced vineyards cascading down hill slopes, trek from one castle to another, go in search of the Romans and feel a hint of the Mediterranean in the south of the region. Almost 1,000 kilometres of exceptionally well signposted and closely networked hiking trails (Rheinsteig, Eifelsteig, Saar-Hunsrück-Steig and Westerwald Steig) offers you opportunities for ambitious long-distance walking tours or for a variety of short tours.
Bicyclists Heaven
Bicyclists Heaven
Bicyclists love Rhineland-Palatinate because it is everything a cyclist could hope for, with its outstanding tours that take in the scenic and cultural highlights of this fabulous region. The long-distance cycle routes (with a total length of 1,200 kilometres, all excellently signposted and easily accessible) run along the valleys of the Rhine, Moselle, Ahr, Nahe, Saar and Kyll rivers. Entire regions such as the Palatinate, Rhine Valley or the Moselle stage special cycling events, where cars are banned and cyclists have top priority. It is pure cycling heaven.
Wellness Spas & Health Resorts
Wellness Spas & Health Resorts
At the 20 approved spas and health resort towns in Rhineland-Palatinate you will find services and facilities organised in the categories Select (exclusive and beauty holiday), Wellness (wellness, relaxation and health), Sporting (fitness and activity) and Explorer (special experiences for getting to know the region). All bearing the German Spa Association's seal of approval, which means you can be confident that your wellness break will be of first-class quality, based on a sound holistic health concept and delivered by expert medical staff and therapists.

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3. The 9 Holiday Regions

There are nine wonderful regions to visit in Rhineland-Palatinate, each one a fascinating and uniquely beautiful part of the state. Few other regions in Germany have such a wealth of attractions for visitors to explore, enjoy and experience than Rhineland-Palatinate. Watch the videos or browse through the list below for an overview and detailed tourism guide. Read the region's travel guide to get ideas for where to go and what to do in Germany on your holiday.

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(total length of all videos approximately 45 minutes)

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The Hunsrück
Forest & Hiking Paradise
Read the Hunsrück Holiday Region Travel Guide
The Hunsrück holiday region is one of Germany's most richly forested areas. Surrounded by the river scenery of the Rhine, the Moselle, the Saar and the Nahe, it is criss-crossed by an extensive network of trails where walkers follow in the footsteps of the Celts and the Romans. There are also quaint little country towns, castles and old mills to visit. ... read more about the Hunsrück holiday region
The Moselle-Saar
Wine & River Landscape
Read the Moselle-Saar Holiday Region Travel Guide
Of the Rhine's tributaries, the Moselle is considered the loveliest. Idyllic wine villages perched on steep, vine-clad slopes, and romantic little towns with a medieval feel, such as Cochem and Bernkastel-Kues, lend the Moselle valley its unique character. Trier, over 2,000 years old, is the oldest town in Germany and its stone relics dating back to Roman times have now been designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Come and discover for yourself the jovial hospitality of local Moselle people — and don't forget to treat yourself to a delicious glass of that famous local Riesling. ... read more about the Moselle-Saar holiday region
The Nahe
A Land of Gemstones
Read the Nahe Holiday Region Travel Guide
The Nahe holiday region lies in the foothills of the southern Hunsrück. This is a landscape full of poetry and colour, dotted with old towns and villages full of history. The region's highlight is undoubtedly the German Gemstone Route (Deutsche Edelsteinstrasse), together with the gemstone capital Idar-Oberstein and the German Museum of Precious Stones. The region is also known for its three spa resorts that are located in the Nahe wine-growing area. ... read more about the Nahe holiday region
In the Land of the Nibelungen
Read the Rheinhessen Holiday Region Travel Guide
Whatever it is you're looking for, Rheinhessen has it all. Modern city life and traditional sleepy villages, temples to fine dining rubbing shoulders with bars serving the new season's wine, art galleries in warehouses, theatre in vineyards, jazz in a barn. If variety is the spice of life, it's especially true in Rheinehessen, Germany's largest wine-growing region. The local people are cosmopolitan and full of joie de vivre, with a dash of Gallic laissez-faire and a certain idiosyncrasy thrown in. ... read more about the Rheinhessen holiday region
The Romantic Rhine
Loreley & Picture-Book Castles
Read the Romantic Rhine Holiday Region Travel Guide
Rhine Romanticism is still very much in the air today, as anyone who has visited this world-famous valley between Bingen, Rüdesheim and Koblenz will tell you. With its picture-book castles and ruins and its historical towns and sights, this impressive stretch of the river epitomises some of the loveliest river scenery in the world. Only a short time ago, it was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Experience a journey back in time and let the diversity, the beauty and the culinary specialities of this region work their magic on you. ... read more about the Romantic Rhine (Rhine Valley) holiday region
The Ahr
Formula 1 Racing & Wellness
Read the Ahr Holiday Region Travel Guide
It is no accident that this region is known as 'spa, wine and walking country'. The eastern Ahrweiler region has no fewer than three spa resorts: Bad Neuenahr, Bad Breisig and Bad Bodendorf, and the vines that flourish along the banks of the narrow Ahr river valley have made this into Germany's red wine paradise. It is also a popular base for walkers starting out on tours into the Eifel hills — journeys of discovery into one of the most densely forested areas in the whole of Europe. And you don't have to be a fan of Formula 1 to appreciate a visit to the world-famous Nürburgring. ... read more about the Ahr holiday region
The Eifel
Volcanoes & Geo Routes
Read the Eifel Holiday Region Travel Guide
The blue of the maars — or water-filled volcanic craters — and the bright yellow of the gorse in summer are hallmarks of the Eifel massif. This paradise for walkers and cyclists is centred between Trier, Koblenz, Cologne and Aachen. The Eifel has more than 100 mineral springs that offer an impressive insight into its volcanic past, and there are fascinating 'geo routes' and volcano safaris on which to actively explore this holiday region. ... read more about the Eifel holiday region
The Pfalz
Germany's Garden of Eden
Read the Pfalz Holiday Region Travel Guide
The Pfalz, the southernmost part of the Rhineland-Palatinate, is a veritable Garden of Eden. Fruits such as almonds, figs and kiwis thrive here thanks to a climate that is exceptionally mild. This is a land of superlatives: with more than 150 million vines, the Pfalz has the largest uninterrupted wine-growing area in Rhineland-Palatinate. In Bad Dürkheim, you will find not only the biggest wine barrel in the world but also the biggest wine festival, the Bad Dürkheim Wurstmarkt. The Pfalz also has plenty to offer in the way of historical interest. Speyer's cathedral, for instance, is a UNESCO world heritage site. ... read more about the Pfalz holiday region
The Westerwald
Nordic Walking & Water Sports
Read the Westerwald Holiday Region Travel Guide
Experience an active holiday surrounded by unspoilt nature, idyllic lakes, romantic river valleys, cool forests and airy peaks. Attractive country towns such as Montabaur and Hachenburg are perfect for a leisurely wander around. There is something new to do every day: for instance, the very special historical Kannenbäckerstrasse — literally 'pot-baker route' — which runs for 36 km and showcases traditional potteries and ceramics museums. ... read more about the Westerwald holiday region

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4. City Travel Guides

The cities and towns in Rhineland-Palatinate are full of contrast and variety. Our city travel guides will wet your appetite to get to know them better. Here you will find details about sights worth seeing and all the information you will need for planning your holiday, including directions, contact information to local tourist offices and  directories of accommodation. Get inspired by our travel guides to the cities and towns in Rhineland-Palatinate that provide you in-depth information about all the holiday destinations and tourist attractions.  ... read more about City Travel Guides

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5. The Largest Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate

A city tour through Rhineland-Palatinate is full of contrasts: modern city life and idyllic old town atmosphere. More than anything else, a city tour through Rhineland-Palatinate means variety. And these are the six largest cities in Rhineland-Palatinate:

Largest Dinosaur Exhibition
Read the Kaiserslautern Travel Guide
Whenever football fans hear the name Kaiserslautern, they immediately think of the ‘rote Teufel’ (Red Devils) and of highly-charged home matches at Fritz-Walter stadium. Kaiserslautern is a town that celebrates its love of football. It is a lively student town with a number of friendly pubs lining the streets of its ‘old town’. It is also a cultural capital whose lively alternative scene attracts people from all over the Palatinate region. Nature and culture go hand in hand in Kaiserslautern. Surrounded by secluded woods, Kaiserslautern is the lively heart of the Palatinate Forest (Pfälzer Wald). ... read more in the Kaiserslautern Travel Guide
Germany's Beautiful Corner
Read the Koblenz Travel Guide
Embraced by Father Rhine and Mother Moselle, Koblenz is situated in some of the most beautiful countryside in Germany. With the rocky slopes along the Rhine River, sleepy little spots and panoramic views of castles and stately homes, it has always attracted the romantics. The Rhine and the Moselle rivers are integral to Koblenz. They are a meeting place for young and old, and between their banks, life pulsates on the busy squares and streets. Its abundance of cultural monuments and historic buildings, its cosy lanes and narrow alleyways, the relaxed and happy atmosphere of its squares and river promenades make Koblenz a friendly town where its guests feel right at home. ... read more in the Koblenz Travel Guide
Capital of Rhineland-Palatinate
Read the Mainz Travel Guide
Mainz is known far beyond Germany for its most famous son: Johannes Gutenberg, who made his revolutionary invention of printing with movable type around 1450 in Mainz. He has certainly left his mark on this regional capital. Mainz is the city of media, uniting a modern cultural scene with the witnesses to 2,000 years of history. Museum-lovers are spoilt for choice in Mainz. From Roman warships to the world-famous Gutenberg bible, from the cathedral treasures to archaeological finds from early history to the Middle Ages. In Mainz, you can turn any day into an exciting day at the museum. ... read more in the Mainz Travel Guide
A Piece of Italy in Germany
Read the Speyer Travel Guide
Medieval Speyer was already one of the most popular centres of trade and industry on the Upper Rhine during the Middle Ages. Right up to the present day, Speyer's competitive retail industry continues to be attractive to the surrounding communities on the right and left banks of the Rhine. The historical city centre is a charming setting for a colourful, bustling pedestrian zone, which invites you to stroll, take in the sights, shop and enjoy the city at your leisure. Fig trees stand out against the warm yellow tones of the buildings, and rose covered courtyards mesmerise you with the splashing of their fountains. In Speyer, you will discover a piece of Italy and miles and miles of history. At the end of Speyer’s picturesque Maximilianstrasse towers the majestic ‘Kaiserdom’ cathedral. Not far from here, you can experience the age of technology. In Speyer, you do not have to go far to take a leap through the centuries. ... read more in the Speyer Travel Guide
The Oldest City in Germany
Read the Trier Travel Guide
A visit to Trier — the oldest town in Germany — is like taking a journey back to Roman times. Rome has its St. Peters; Trier has its basilica, the throne room of the Roman Emperor. Rome has its coliseum; Trier has the amphitheatre. ‘Roma Secunda’, the second Rome — that’s what the Romans called their metropolis north of the Alps. Today the mighty halls, thermal baths and theatres remind us of the relationship that once existed between the two cities. And just as the Romans did, the people of Trier have also made themselves at home among the historical monuments. Life is played out around the lively market place and in the heart of the picturesque ‘old town’. And there is nothing the people of Trier like better than to sit together in the old wine cellars built on Roman foundations, enjoying their Moselle wine. ... read more in the Trier Travel Guide
City of the Nibelungen
Read the Worms Travel Guide
Worms is the city of the Nibelungen. The majority of scenes from the medieval ‘Nibelungenlied’ are set in and around Worms. It is said that the Nibelungen treasures are hidden here. On the banks of the Rhine, across from the ‘Nibelungen Ring’, the Hagen holds up the Nibelungen treasures. On your tour through 2,000 years of town history, you will meet emperors and kings, myths and legends of the Nibelungen, a unique cathedral, Judaism and Martin Luther. Luther's appearance before the Kaiser and Imperial Diet linked the Reformation to the town in a special way. It was here, where Luther defended his teachings with his words ‘Here I stand. I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen.’ ... read more in the Worms Travel Guide

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6. Events Finder

There is always something happening — whether it is art, music, wine festivals or a host of other activities. The Events Finder gives you an overview about what is on, where and when. Here you can search for events and festivals in the region.

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7. Hotel & Holiday Flat Finder

Here you have direct access to the online accommodation reservation service of the Tourist Board of Rhineland-Palatinate. No other hotel reservation system on the Internet offers you such a broad and comprehensive list of accommodation in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate regions. You can list accommodation, search accommodation, contact accommodation establishments and make online reservations.

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8. Travelling to & around Rhineland-Palatinate

In Germany you will find a high standard of infrastructure and excellent public transport. There are major car rental companies to choose from and an extensive network of roads giving you quick access to the densely system of motorways.

8.1 By Air via Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

Thanks to its central location and excellent road connections, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is ideally situated for travel to a number of destinations around the region. The Hahn Airport shuttle bus will take you to the railway stations in Köln, Koblenz, Trier, Mainz, Frankfurt, Kirn, Idar-Oberstein and Saarbrücken where you can connect with Deutsche Bahn trains or local transport links. There are several companies operating Taxis, which you will find just outside the terminal, and major car rental companies offering an excellent selection of cars, all of which have counters inside the terminal. ... read more about Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

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8.2 By Integrated Rail and Bus Services

The 'Rheinland-Pfalz Takt' is an initiative designed to encourage people in all regions to leave their cars behind. Integrated timetables ensure that rail and bus services coordinate smoothly with each other. A public transport network with almost thirty fast regional routes was recently set up. Rhineland-Palatinate and its neighbouring regions now offer a whole host of options for getting around and the integrated public transport services open them up to visitors on the most beautiful days of the years.

With the super value 'Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket', you can travel right across the Rhineland-Palatinate. It allows groupd of up to 5 people, or parents and all their children, or grandparents and their grandchildren to travel right across the Rhineland-Palatinate and beyond by bus or train on one day for just €26.00 — as often as they want! Bike transfer is included. Want to see Romans, knights, castles and palaces, visit a wine festival, concert or festival, or go walking, skating, cycling, browsing or shopping? Travelling with family and friends? Whatever your travel plans, this is just the ticket!

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8.3 By Rental Car

Setting off on a spontaneous journey by car can be great fun, whether on wonderful panoramic roads or on small, winding roads well away from the bustling cities. In Rhineland-Palatinate you will find a wealth of fascinating scenery to explore. There are high roads through the hills and forests of the uplands and wine routes along the rivers, where you can put your foot down and enjoy a total sense of freedom. ... read more about Rental Cars at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport

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8.4 By Riverboat

Travelling up or down river on the gentle waves, boat trips can be really relaxing. Travelling on the Rhine and Moselle, two of the most charming rivers in Europe, is always bound to be a very special experience. On the stretch of the Rhine between Cologne and Mainz and the stretch of the Moselle between Koblenz and Trier, you will pass one attraction after another. Picturesque wine-growing villages with historical entres full of old half-timbered buildings, and romantic castles sitting in splendour on top of the vineyard slopes. You can enjoy delicious food and fine wine on board, while discovering a new and wonderful side of the river. The reflections of castle silhouettes and illuminated promenades at night add to the special romantic atmosphere. There are several companies offering pleasure cruises on the region's rivers — the perfect way to unwind and have fun!

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